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It’s not about the money.

A fresh, new book and study to uncover the WHY behind your money choices.

Designed to compliment and enhance the most popular church financial curriculums


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My good friend John is filled with uncommon wisdom and I know this book will influence families in their financial decision making through his unique message.
— RON BLUE – Author of Master Your Money and 17 other books, Kingdom entrepreneur, national speaker

After decades of teaching and learning about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of money and stewardship…

  • money and its trappings are still the #1 distraction to our faith,

  • financial related problems remain the #1 source of marital discord,

  • we are earning more and enjoying it less,

  • Christians are smothering under record levels of personal debt,

  • giving still hovers around 3% of income,

  • and we continue to seek freedom in our money but we are designed to seek freedom in Christ.

We need to add a fresh, new approach - a WHY conversation about what’s hidden behind, and secretly influencing, our money choices.

He Spends, She Spends is the book I wish I had when I made the leap into adulthood.
— LYSA TERKEURST - President of Proverbs 31 Ministries and New York Times bestselling author
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Fresh, new scriptural insights about faith and finances to find the ‘why’ behind your money choices

  • Search the clues in an age-old parable that hold the answers for your stewardship story

  • Explore the four hidden influencers of every money choice and how to take control of them

  • Learn a powerful paradigm of how our past, our future, our beliefs and our behaviors affect every money choice and how to use them for your benefit

  • Identify what is separating you from God’s plans and what to do about it

  • Practical steps for making true money choices with clarity, unity and wisdom

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Participants Guide

5 thought-provoking modules, all the powerful secrets.

  • Efficient five (5) week format

  • Easily expandable to ten (10) weeks for deeper study

  • New questions from old truths for individual reflection

  • Highly interactive for group discussion

  • Encourages couple’s and friend's conversation

  • Facilitator Guide for class/group guides the leader step-by-step


  • Intro videos

  • Sermon notes samples

  • Social media graphics

  • PDF worksheets

  • Scripture Guide

In He Spends, She Spends, the practical steps John outlines in Chapter 9 is alone worth the read!
— DAVID WILLIS, Author, Former President of National Christian Foundation, Global Generosity Movement pioneer