A little about John

I’m an entrepreneur, author and speaker. I’ve got a wonderful wife and three awesome kids and a soon-to-be son-in-law! I grew up on a black angus cattle farm where I learned a lot about hard work and getting things done right the first time.

After college in North Carolina, I started my first business with a friend, and a few years later launched my long-time business in the financial services industry. I have since closed that office and launched a third venture as a non-profit leader in the generosity space.

I became a trained Life Planner through The Paterson Center in Colorado, graduated from the Charlotte Leadership Forum, and gained more than a decade of experience working and coaching many HalfTime Institute participants. I’m a two-time graduate of The Masters Program with Bob Shank and a past participant in Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach. I’m also a past and current participant in Michael Hyatt’s Business Accelerator program and a BA coach.

From this unique background and experience, I’ve had the rare privilege to guide thousands of conversations to counsel with families, business owners and professionals in all facets of their journey of personal and business financial success, influence and impact and if you are interested, I would like to help you, too.

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A little about my message

You work hard, you make a decent income, and you have extra money at the end of your month…maybe you have a lot. You thought it would be easier when you had more money, but life isn’t feeling very easy. Why is that?

Money is the #1 distraction to our faith.

And if it’s a distraction to our faith, then it’s a distraction to your potential to become what God has planned for you and for your best life. I believe you can love God, have money, and boldly live to your full potential.

Please hear me. Money is not bad. I just know life usually gets more complicated the more you have and the more you’ve earned, but when you align your money choices with your faith, using money as a tool with stewardship as your guide, your heart aligns more with God, you find peace rather than mayhem, and you find more of the best life that God designed for you, and of which you are longing.

This is not theory for me. This took shape over a long career of listening and learning. I’ve studied financial stewardship and life planning for almost 20 years with the finest teachers in the world, have been in the trenches in thousands of conversations with people just like you, and had the rare privilege to share with millions through television, radio and print.

I also personally wrestled with these issues as I fought with my own perspectives around money and success. I learned that enough can be better than more and found that money makes a lousy savior. Since then, I closed my financial practice and now lead a regional ministry spreading the message of biblical generosity to families and advisors. 

(If you read a financial idea or concept that interests you, review it with your counsel before making any changes to your planning – please see my important note at the end.)

  • We share a common story, that dates back thousands of years, that still causes as much turmoil in your life today, as it did back then – and discover what to do about it.

  • We each need to identify our most pressing obstacles and hidden influencers from our story that are getting between us and God and our closest relationships and fix them.

  • We can experience new success with an action plan that will begin the process of aligning our financial choices and plans with our faith and guide us back to the life God made just for you.

It really is so simple. His gifts, His plan, your choice.

You don;t have to change anything. You could choose to stay in the midst of the financial distractions getting in the way of your relationship with God that are limiting you and His plans for your life.

But if you want to choose to explore what I am recommending, I believe I can help. Families that keep money as their tool and God as their goal experience an incredible life that few rarely see.

Let’s stop dealing with the symptoms and get to the heart of the issue. Life is much too exciting to let a dollar bill get between you and the life God made for you.

John Putnam - The Simple Steward

John Putnam - The Simple Steward


IMPORTANT – This is the website of The Simple Steward, LLC. Everything on this website is provided “as-is”. I am not making any representations about accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability or any validity of any information on the website. Also, I talk about financial matters, tools, ideas, and concepts, and they are provided for educational purposes only. I was a financial advisor for many years but I no longer practice or hold any licenses.  Always review any financial plans or choices with appropriate tax, legal and/or financial advisory counsel. I will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use. Copyright (c) 2018 The Simple Steward, LLC.