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We believe John is the needed Christian financial voice for our time!
— THE BENHAM BROTHERS – Real Estate entrepreneurs, authors, speakers
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Attendees say True.MoneyFreedom is a 9.47 in overall value!


When asked to “write a one-sentence summary of your True.Money.Freedom. experience today”, attendees responded…

“Eye-opening and potentially life changing experience.”

“I learned that sometimes you have to be willing to let go of everything you think you know.”

“I wish I had this years ago.”

“So much Godly wisdom and tangible, practical help. Clarity.”

“This was helpful in simplifying the process necessary to approach our finances with a more biblical, truth-centered approach!”

“Changed my attitudes and beliefs on money.”

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True. Money. Freedom.

3 hours or 6 hours

  • TRUE - when you start true, you have the best chance of true results.

  • MONEY - money is the #1 distraction to God and your best life.

  • FREEDOM - you experience a rare freedom when money is your tool.


    • Aspiration - explore and choose your goals.

    • Inspiration - create trust and confidence in your resources.

    • Expectation - prepare for what lies ahead.

    • Activation - complete your action plan to get there.

  • Highly interactive and fun

  • Custom exercises and discussions

  • Includes thorough overview of He Spends She Spends

  • Reading the book beforehand is not required

  • Can be delivered in 3 or 6 hour workshops with respective teaching, exercises and content.

  • Can be customized.


Funny Munny

30-60 minutes

  • Funny Munny – a light look at a heavy topic

    • A winsome walk into faith and finances

    • Scriptures, Stories, Practical takeaways

    • Can be customized as Keynote message

    • Great breakout session for your event

    • Works well for a fun luncheon

    • Perfect for a “Date Night” type program