It’s not about the money.

Helping you conquer the hidden influencers that get in the way of your financial success.


Do any of these sound like you?

  • Earning more but enjoying it less?

  • Money topics often on your mind?

  • Gaining success but losing things more valuable?

  • Money disagreements affecting relationships?

  • Worrying about having enough money?

  • Money choices not reflecting your faith?

Let’s stop dealing with the symptoms and get to the heart of the issue.


How do you want to get started?



Find YOUR HIDDEN INFLUENCERS with your church or small group


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Experience LIVE TEACHING at your church or conference.


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Bring FRESH NEW TOPICS to inspire your next event audience.

I so appreciate how John transparently shares his own journey while pointing us to solid, Biblical wisdom about how to handle our finances.
— LYSA TERKEURST - President of Proverbs 31 Ministries and New York Times bestselling author

What are pastors and participants saying?

This book helped us get to the root...of what’s in our heart.
— Kevin & Aly - study participants
It’s an answer to a question that rarely gets answered.
— Pastor Reggie - used study and workshop for his church
The gloom & doom that used to surround our financial decision-making is largely gone.
— Ben & Anna - study group participants

Conquer the hidden influencers around your money choices.

Learn to be bold and confident, reduce your money distractions and live out your purpose by taking true control of your money choices!


IDENTIFY your true money goals

Don’t settle for the status quo – take faithful action to live out your purpose & your best life.


EXPLORE your hidden
money influencers

Explore what influences and affects your money choices and your attention and what to do about it.


FOLLOW your simple steps to true success

Use this action plan to grow little steps into unshakeable impactful results!

John is a visionary and has a special insight into the future of our Christian culture.
— BOB BUFORD - ministry entrepreneur, founder of Leadership Network, iconic author of HalfTime

What makes John’s message so unique?

As a former, successful financial advisor with over 15,000 conversations with people just like you, here’s what I came to realize. You probably know what the bible says about money. You also likely know how to budget, stay out of debt and plan like the bible teaches. If that’s true for you, do you still having struggles around your money and related issues? ( read more ... )